BIM for Landscape Architecture

BIM for Landscape Architecture
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Game On for A/E/C - John Aaron Phillips

What The Design & Building Industry Can Learn From Video Game Designers

The design and building industry can learn from video game designers, who create immersive, realistic, and measurable experiences that capture users’ hearts and minds.

According to gaming expert Jane McGonigal, “Gaming is productive. It produces positive emotion, stronger social relationships, a sense of accomplishment and, for players who are part of a game community, a chance to build a sense of purpose.”

The building industry would do well to understand her statement. Video game designers are creating digital worlds that are immersive, realistic, and measurable, allowing for social and interactive experiences among users. As designers, engineers, and contractors, we are trying to create a similar digital representation of the built environment, but we have yet to create an immersive and social experience on the level of today’s video games.
Generally speaking, designers in the A/E/C industry use modeling software to create a physically accurate model, while engineers simulate energy consumption and lighting scenarios using another software program. Contractors use additional software to predict constructability and coordination. Simulations and calculations are created using different tools. The way clients and building users interact with a digital model is rarely considered. Meanwhile, the gaming industry is accomplishing similar scales and scopes of work within a single gaming engine.........

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