BIM for Landscape Architecture

BIM for Landscape Architecture
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"3D Pilot NL"

…3D information is practice!

The presentations of Joris Goos of the City of Rotterdam and Thomas Kolbe, University of Berlin at the symposium, underlined that 3D is both required for many applications and feasible. Joris Goos explained why Rotterdam invested in 3D geo-information and concluded that it is not a matter of how much a 3D approach costs, but how much you can save with it. Also, Joris announced that as of June 16th the 3D data set of Rotterdam is open data, which provoked a loud applause from the audience.
Thomas Kolbe elaborated on CityGML. An important result of the pilot is a CityGML implementation profile for large scale geo-information in the Netherlands. Thomas Kolbe explained that CityGML is rich in semantics and therefore attractive for various applications. Inspiring was the live demo Thomas Kolbe gave on the solar atlas of Berlin ( Both the presentation of Joris Goos and of Thomas showed the importance of performing analysis on the 3D data. That is, 3D geo-information makes it easier to answer questions like: what are the best locations to generate solar and wind energy in the city? What is the effect of a new building on the environment? And how green is the city?…

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