BIM for Landscape Architecture

BIM for Landscape Architecture
IFC for Landscape - Example used in Revit

Sunday, November 4, 2012

GeoDesign provides the third phase of GIS evolution

…Ball: I’m really interested in the combination of the indoor design tools, with CAD tools being the leader there, and the outdoor design tools made available through GIS. It’s also an interoperability story as these worlds come together.
Miller: I think that’s a classical view about the difference between CAD and GIS, that CAD is indoor and GIS is outdoors. I believe both of those premises are being challenged. CAD is moving into site planning, and GIS is moving into the building space. Many large buildings, such as campuses and airports are being managed using GIS. There are also many site design tools being overlaid with CAD systems. There’s an overlay and blur, and a collision zone between CAD and GIS. There are also interoperability questions, if you’re used to working a particular toolset whether GIS or CAD, you want to do everything in that environment because you’ve invested in the skills to work in that area and you don’t want to learn new technology. But I think that this will play out over time, and there will be room for CAD in geographic space, and for GIS in the CAD space.…

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