BIM for Landscape Architecture

BIM for Landscape Architecture
IFC for Landscape - Example used in Revit

IFC for Landscape Architecture

IFC for Landscape Architecture
I forbindelse med utviklingen av Statsbygg sin BIM-manual 2.0, skal objektene som tidligere er standardisert gjennom arbeidet med BIM for Landskap tilpasses bruk i IFC

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

IfcPlant (IfcVegetation)

Now in April 2020, BuildingSMART proposed adding "IfcPlant" as its own object in IFC4.3.
This is the breakthrough that we have been waiting for for many years. Several objects that Landscape Architects use have finally been added. Our work here in Norway with standardization for Landscape can finally be adjusted and adapted to objects in IFC4.3. Now we will hopefully quickly be able to see a major change in requirements for open BIM and software adapted to Landscape Architecture.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Open BIM

Explore case studies of landscape architecture firms using Open BIM in our upcoming webinar. Get the inside scoop on using IFC files & integrating BIM into your final product delivery. Register now! #LandscapeArchitecture

Friday, January 17, 2020

BIM for Landscape - IFC for Landskap - IfcVegetation

Why BIM? 
Because a model alone can continue to be enriched with data many decades after its origin.

2005 - Designed in Revit Architecture
2012 - Visualized in Lumion 
2019 - Enriched with IFC for Landscape

The same model enriched with more information and reused again and again.

The important thing is to start with BIM even though you do not currently have the expertise, features or functionality in software. This WILL come sometime in the near future. Without your BIM you can never start saving time and money from previous work.

Friday, December 20, 2019


As part of Statsbygg`s requirements for BIM, Statsbygg is working to standardize IFC objects for Landscape Architecture. "IfcVegetation" is one of those IFC objects that Landscape Architects wants to have standardized. Since IFC2x3 and IFC4 do not have this object, a proposal has been made to use "IfcBuildingElementProxy" and Predefined type "USERDEFINED" as shown in the attached overview. Properties of "IfcVegetation" are taken from previous standardization work in, UK Landscape Institute PDT Flora and other requests for properties according to nursery data, plant description, etc. This is preliminary work that will continue in 2020. Feedback and input can be sent to or

Monday, October 28, 2019

DKT2019, Bedre beslutningsgrunnlag med BIM for Landskap

DKT2019, Tirsdag 29. oktober
Better decision making with BIM for landscape. BIM for Landscape is possible with the software we have today. Statsbygg and Sykehusbygg are supporters of the Landscape Architecture profession having a standard for IFC in Norway, which we come a long way with. New hospital in Drammen is a good example of how Landscape Architects takes its place and extracts information from the model in different software to give the client a better basis for decision. Lecturer: Åge Langedrag, Multiconsult